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Complete Coatings offers the best in spray liner product, with a polyurethane elastomer made up of two chemical components that when mixed together form a union-free membrane capable of withstanding shocks and scratches. The liner is impervious to liquid and the seamless one-piece application prevents anything from seeping through or around it.

Complete Coatings offers a tough durable polyurethane that guarantees a smooth, seamless water and air-tight seal, giving you complete lasting protection. Our coatings can handle extreme weather, harsh chemicals and daily abuse without cracking, warping, or corroding.
  A Complete Coatings liner is guaranteed to keep your cargo from slipping, provides safe footing and prevents damage to your truck bed and its contents. It also resists corrosives such as gasoline, pesticides, salts, oils, solvents and some acids.

But don't forget the many industrial applications for a Complete Coatings liner!

 Truck Beds             Decks
 Horse Trailers          Stairwells
 Toy Haulers            Pontoon Boats
 Roof Tops              Water Cooling Towers

Or - anywhere you need complete protection against impact, abrasion, or corrosion, or need to take advantage of the many safety attributes of a Complete Coatings liner: vibration dampening, sound reduction, and slip resistance.
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